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I read The Kite Runner about 3 years ago. It was one of those books that you just HAVE to finish... and I finished reading it in one day. We went to see the movie last Sunday night. It was one of those movies that portrays the book amazingly. All the important and relevant parts are shown, the end is not rushed, and the cinematography is to die for. And it gives the oppressed people of Afghanistan a face, a name. It brings home, through a story about friendship and love, a picture of what their reality was, and how scared and confused they were, while continue being human, and facing all the doubts and hopes and aspirations we have. The desire to belong, loyalty, wanting to be accepted, guilt.

When the US decided to invade Afghanistan, the American people knew very little about the Taliban, or the oppression present in that country. Or how they had been oppressed for years, invaded by so many others. For me it all seemed so surreal, watching them on tv, their suffering, their hopelessness. I tried to learn as much as I could about them, trying to find a logical explanation of why they were in that situation, what had brought them to that position, where religious extremists controlled their country, their everyday, their lives.

In his second book, Khaled Hosseini goes deeper into the political situation of Afghanistan. It was such a sad book. How these women live. With no hope, forced to not exist. With no rights, no future, no education, and in constant fear. And it was so much more touching for me. How did the world allow this to happen. How can we sit here sipping martinis on a rooftop bar, and driving our expensive cars, and worrying about who wore what, when these atrocities were going on?? How do these things take place, still, all around the world?? What can I do to change that, to help them??

Sadly there is not much to be done, in most of these countries the governments are so corrupt and unstable, that help barely makes it to the ones who need it most. I have always opposed war. And whatever reasons Bush had to invade Afghanistan i don't really trust. But the fact that, despite the rise in violence, and the obvious destruction that comes with war, freedom was restored, is comforting. The thought that while not completely free, they have more liberties, more happy moments, and ultimately more hope, makes me feel that not all is lost for them.

So this year, in the light of this newfound awareness, I am celebrating the Holidays in a different way. I have been modifying my lifestyle. Trying to live simpler. Not buying so much, and concentrating on what is really important. Instead of expensive presents, I am making meaningful presents for everyone...Letters, pictures, paintings..Things that evoke emotion, and gratitude... We are so blessed to live here, to have all this...Freedom, Peace, Rights...And we should always remember to be grateful, every single day.


annie a. said...

Great write up of the book, I am curious to read it/and/or see the movie. What is the second book called? something with the word tea? I can't remember but my brother in law is reading it. Happy holidays........I will def. get in touch about scrapping soon. It got so busy in Dec. I couldn't squeeze it in.