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New year, new plans

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Wow! This year went by so fast! So many changes, so busy, so ready to begin 2008.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve, which included dinner at Roy and Patricia's and watching the fireworks from the deck at the Marina with E's friends, and then drinks for just the two of us back at the apartment.

Last year my resolution was to SIMPLIFY. Learn to live with less, reduce my carbon footprint, live a simple, less stressed life. It was hard, tons of changes, but I feel I have accomplished it in so many ways.

I have moved to a smaller (way smaller) place.
I have purged and organized (and I have tons more to do)
I make better shopping decisions.
I am (for the first time) sticking to a budget.
I am paying off my credit cards and student loans.
I am recycling.
I opened an Environmental Remediation Company (my biggest achievement of the year)

But most of all, I have gotten rid of the feeling to need more.

This year, I am focusing on taking care of things, getting them done. I will focus on ACCOMPLISHING.

It is my word for 2008. And this is how I want to begin the year...


Sadiemotta said...

good for you! I haven't announced my word yet.....I am thinking about how to do it up! ;) Going to Oasis tonight.....can you come out?

idanasi said...

I think accomplishing is something that I need to think about too this year.
Congrats on all of your accomplishments last year.
Happy new year Lily :)