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Korea, Day 2

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Last night I went to sleep at around 9pm, so it was easy to wake up @7 for a meeting. We visited the site again, and by coincidence, or like the koreans said, because god is smiling at us, a truck from a pump company stopped by. They had the equipment we need, and they even gave us a demonstration. So they ordered it for us, and we should have it Tuesday to begin the pilot testing..

For breakfast we tried to buy what we usually eat, but these people DO NOT eat bread!! So we had ribs, soup, vegetables, rice and beans..it was surprisingly good.. For lunch, since they were going to a seafood restaurant, one of the drivers offered to take me to get burgers.. We drove half an hour, and we arrived at a fastfood place.. I managed to order by myself, but you know I only ate the fries.. Then we went to get bread, I finally found a bakery.. Mr. Lee, the driver, barely speaks english, and it was just like in the movies. He would open doors for me, carry my bags, and he even took me to a super to buy honey..which, besides the fact that it was sooo hard to find, only comes in big bottles, and it cost $9.. When you can get good food for $5, that is probably a luxury..

People here live so differently. In this part of the country people live off farming and fishing.. They are very strong people, but at the same time, very welcoming and nice.. The oil spill has affected them so much.. There have been many suicides.. The workers at the cleanup site look at us warily.. They are scared to lose the only income they are getting, because they can't fish anymore.. The language and cultural make it harder for us to explain that we want to help them.. They are understandably curious and careful, and every time we show up at the sites everyone looks at us, and you can see the questions, the feeling of uncertainty and despair on their eyes.. I hope we can help them..


Natalie said...

I think its so cool that you relocated to Korea? How long are you there for? Hope you're enjoying the journey!