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The lives of others

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Today has been the most productive day ever!!!

  • Woke up @8:30am
  • Went to Yoga for 1.5 hours!
  • Picked-up the clothes from the cleaners
  • Scheduled two dates for today, and one for tomorrow (hey, it might be my last weekend here ;)
  • Returned the overdue books to the library ( I wonder if I'm really saving money by borrowing books I end up returning two weeks later)
  • Now I'm having coffee and working on the homework from one of the three grad classes I'm taking (because I was not busy enough).
I saw this movie last week..

An amazing movie. One of those movies that, whether for the depth of the story, or because we know that it really happened, captivates you to no end. And something I'm really working on, understanding how others live. It helps me develop compassion, and gratefulness, as I realize more each day how lucky I am.

We are leaving for Korea next Wednesday, and between buying equipment, last minute meetings, calming down my boss, trying to figure out if they are just going to torture me until I tell them how to do the job (kidding!), and packing, I barely have had time to breathe..

By the way, what the heck am I supposed to wear??? It says the weather is similar to here, springy, more humid...but I have to keep in mind that I might be going to dinners, meetings, government functions, press conferences...and oil..so basically everything I take with me will probably come back either dirty or completely ruined...Oh well, as long as I get the account, (I mean, as long as we can help the people of Korea)....

Praying that this will not be the view from my hotel...

You can find more pictures and more info here.

I'll keep the blog updated while I'm there with pictures...If there is internet...

And today I'm starting my daily blessings...although maybe for me they will be more like weekly, but hey, it's the fact that I'm more aware that counts..

  1. Free internet @ corner bakery ( if I could only skip the bagels)
  2. The nicest weather I will see in the next two weeks
  3. That my mom's breast surgery went fine, and everything is negative
  4. The opportunity to work in one of the biggest projects in my field..and helping the environment
  5. The fact that even though every single one of our employees is having issues with me, my boss supports me 120% and the wisdom I have acquired to see that they are just unhappy with themselves, and I can't let that bring me down.


JoAnn said...

good attitude- good luck- be blessed - and be safe! I hope the trip is a complete success and let's get together when you return!