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and sometimes I forget to smile...

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Here, my friends, is an update...I took over 3,000 pictures, so I'll be posting them from time to time..I have to go back and edit them..all of these are straight out of the camera..

Since we were already there, they took the opportunity to take us to visit the rock mines...and you know me, I'm always up for a challenge. So we drove about 3 hours south, to the mines, to take samples of the water and soil. Most of the mines in the area are abandoned, and heavy metals waste is everywhere. When it rains the water carries these pollutants down to the rivers, and renders them unusable.People live in these houses..at the base of the mine..at least they have a satellite dish...

The houses have beautiful brightly colored roofs.

The Fish drying out in the sun in the town
Market in Taean.

The Fish Tanks...In every restaurant in Taean, and some in Seoul, they have these tanks. They hold all sorts of weird sea life, from crabs, to eels, to things straight out of a National Geographic Magazine.

The lanterns were part of the Lotus Lantern Festival, celebrated every year for Buddha's Birthday. It is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th month..These hanging in Bongeunsa, one of the major temples in Korea...so so lucky to have been there for that date.

Nandaemun Market...a huge market, covering over 10 acres..Filled with stores, stalls, street vendors, and food. You can find everything here, shoes, clothes, bags, Ginseng, Makeup..

Being there was such an amazing experience. The sights, the people, the language, the sounds...things so foreign three weeks ago, have now become a part of who I am, of my own personal history...A little reminder of all the happiness there is out there for me to find..


JoAnn said...

how did you eat with all of that seafood around you- I can't believe you weren't an anaphylactic nightmare!

Marge said...

Well written article.