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I met him while training... tall, rugged, piercing blue eyes, polite and Israeli, all in one package..They paired us up, maybe because we were both single, maybe because my friends know my weaknesses. Either way, there we where, flirting, closer than usual..and to think I almost didn't go that morning on account of a 3day hangover.

They told me his story. His girlfriend, whom he had proposed 6 months after meeting her, had left him three weeks before. They had canceled the wedding, gotten back together, and broken up again. Realizing the craziness of my own love life, I mentioned he was hot, and left it at that.

That night during dinner someone mentioned he liked me..they warned him about my partying and my inability to sit still for long periods of time, they warned me about his hunting skills..somehow my friends were confused about which one of us was bolder..and they gave him my number..

The next day he showed up, an orchestrated move by one of our friends, to pick us up for hiking. Halfway through the hike, we ended up alone, and lost. Although I doubted that someone that hikes the same canyon every weekend, and who was an Israeli soldier, could really get lost there, I loved that he pretended to be worried, and that he finally saved us by returning safely to the car. He asked me to come over that night to watch a movie.

As I left his car I offered my number. He got nervous, and mentioned he had gotten it from a friend the day before..

That night I came over, a mixture of wanting to sleep over, should I even be here, and wondering if he would be as interesting as they promised.

We talked about the past, about relationships, about our parents, our countries, our fears, our conquests..Finally exhausted from the weekend and the wine, I thanked him, for being honest, for not being judgmental, he thanked me for taking chances, for understanding.. and right then I realized that we were not going anywhere...