Last Sunday, as I was trying to hydrate my body after a night of wine and dinners and certain Israeli, Lucy mentions that we should go check out the shelters for a doggie..Mind you, this search can be done online, but to try and be productive, and because of all the things she's going through, I agreed..

We made our way to the closest shelter.. a newly remodeled one, with dogs located outdoors, and with water sprinklers to beat the heat.. After two hours of walking around, we couldn't decide on any dog.. so we left...

On our way home, I mentioned that there was another shelter about ten minutes away..and so we went..It is sooo sad to see this little doggies there...they are, for the most part, so super sweet..

All the dogs I liked were not available, so I went back to the puppies section, and there, in the highest kennel, they had this cute chocolate chihuahua. I asked to see her, and she was shaking soooo much. They told us she had been hit by a car. It was love at first sight, a perfect dog for me...small, beautiful, quite, and lovely...We had to leave her so that she could get spayed..

Since I had a trip to Sac-town for a meeting (more on that later) Lucy picked her up and took care of her. Until last night.. When I got to Silverlake, I saw this:
<<LOVE>>Well, this minus the shirt and collar...She doesn't bark, and we slept together..but she DOES NOT like Yoplait one bit.. She growls and snaps at her all the time..I want them to get used to each other, but because she still has stitches, I'm being careful..oh.. and her name is Sophie..

We are working on her eating habits...She will only eat the wet food, and leave all the kibbles.. No dry treats for this lady..and obviously she isn't potty trained, so we are also working on the puppy pads.. She is so small and quiet, I have her here next to me in the office in her little bag, and no one has even noticed...

Sacramento..what can I say?? The meeting was great, so happy all the stress of preparing for it is over..And I got to spend quality time with my boss, which is always important, because he always gives me the best advice.. even if in the moment it sounds like a ridiculous idea, I've learned to listen to him..And then we took our usual "Let's decompress and talk about the meeting road trip to San Francisco"..One of my favorite cities EVER..

We talked a lot about what things I need to fix..The problem is that I have a company..MY OWN DAMN COMPANY... I have the skills and the knowledge, but for some reason I don't have the motivation to do something... It feels like there are never ending to do lists, and everything is my responsibility... But I understand that the only person that can change that is me.. I've made some changes, but not enough.. so I've decided to spend 2 hours a day on the company's work..advertisement, planning, logistics.. Maybe by the end of the year I'll be working enough to leave my job and focus directly on my company.. It's time to grow up..