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In case you didn't know...

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I've been scrapping a lot lately... Well, a lot more than last year anyways...Maybe the fact that I am almost done moving to the beach house, and that I have a small scrap area helps..
But for sure having a photo printer helps a lot...I got this as a Christmas present 3 years ago..I used it maybe 4 times, and now the paper feed won't work..ugh... I will get it fixed as soon as I get a chance... but my complaining about not having a decent printer paid off, and my boss surprised me with this...

Ohh..the LOVE.. I printed 100 4x6 pics in about half an hour...the cost of ink and paper is about the same as getting them printed elsewhere, but there is nothing like instant gratification, and being able to reprint a picture you don't like is priceless...Not to mention that I spent that half hour planning my Korea album, and not walking mindlessly through Target buying more shit that I really don't need... This baby was $100 and it came loaded with inks..so if you have a ton of pics to print I sooo recommend it..

In other news, the trip to Israel is close..very close... I have a month to get in shape.. I mean to get as hot as can be, because the plan is to spend 10 out of the 12 days getting tanned on the beach in Tel Aviv... We are still working out the logistics, but so far it will be me and 3 of my craziest friends, single for two weeks in Israel.. Hopefully the Mossad, the Shabak, and all the other highly specialized, very hot Israelis have been alerted..especially the ones planning to move to LA...

And I discovered a blog I LOOOVEEE... can't remember where, but this girl is an AMAZING artist, photographer, woman... Sooo inspired by her scrappies, her photos, her story..

Sophie is doing great, btw...Today is her first day alone @ home..and she is *almost* potty trained..