4:09 PM

For my fisherman

Posted by L. |

The fires are still burning.. as much as this pain I feel inside
The ocean, in a failed attempt to comfort me..still singing, still whispering
It has taken me miles to get here, and in a second,
everything has been stolen by your smile..by your distance
and I feel nothing, empty, silent...

your kisses, the ones that would heal my soul,
are forever gone in your anger..
and my fears, my darkness
have all just but reappeared

I owe you nothing, I owe you everything
and in a sudden crash of the waves, it is all clear
we share the same madness,
we are part of the same fears

If only I could hear your laugh in the mornings,
your impulsiveness, your intentions
But then I pause and reflect..
your ambiguity is disconcerting
is your love still hibernating?

I have suffered by your silence,
I have struggled with my ego,
I have, for a moment
felt alone and unrelated..

I have wandered, I am waiting,
I have almost drank my tears..

I am sitting here, waiting for your call,
in a desperate attempt to quiet the thoughts
in this nightmare..