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"Let the waters settle, you will see stars and moons mirrored in your being"

The way I see it..after this passes, you will be able to see the beauty that surrounds you. After the waters settle, you will also shine, because you will be stronger, wiser, deeper, and a step ahead in your journey... Sometimes, and when we least expect it, life explodes.. Things change, earthquakes happen, people leave... and although our first impulse is to get mad.. mad at life, destiny, someone in particular, life in general... we have to understand that our reality is created in our mind... we, a race that is plagued with calamity, suffering, death, feelings, wars, have the ability to change, not what happens to us, but how we react to it.. we can choose to sulk in our misfortunes, or see them as opportunities for growth.. we can choose to be happy... and we, even when faced with chaos, can be grateful for the experience, can be thankful for the lessons, can choose to learn from them..

Compassion, patience, peace.. are states of the mind... and it takes awareness to get there.. One night in Tel Aviv, over beers, my friend Niv told me this "once you become aware of your problems, they stop being problems, they become opportunities" for growth, for learning, for teaching, for enlightenment..

This has helped me get through god knows how much... This awareness I have developed, by pausing, by listening, by observing, have made me calmer, bolder, less afraid, more in touch with my center. A place I can always go to in the middle of a storm..Going to this familiar place, is like seeing an old friend, like a summer afternoon in the ocean, like the smell of coffee and rum, like humidity in the air, like poems, silences and minutes that feel immensely comforting and always fulfilling, like the feeling you get when everything is ok, like being surrounded by laughter, and dinners and wine...