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While trying to figure things out..

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I read this:

" There are moments in life when the only possible option is to lose control"

And thank god someone understands. There are moments when that is the only thing left. In order to save yourself. Keeping your feelings inside, will only destroy you. They were meant to be felt. And then when it is over you realize it wasn't so bad.

A lot of times people criticize me because of my ability to " lose control", but, is it really helpful if I keep these feelings, happy or sad, inside? carrying them around, afraid that they will show up all at the same time.

I realized this early on. Although this behavior has brought me a few enemies, it has brought me peace. And that doesn't mean losing control over everything, it means that when strong feelings arise, the best way to deal with them is to experience them. To focus on them for a few minutes. Only then we can understand what they are, and only then we can go back to our calm self.


JoAnn said...

oh sister, I so have your back...and someday, when you find yourself standing in the center of a major intersection about one block from your house. Outside of your car (husband driving) and another man (who cut your husband off and then proceeded to play cat and mouse with him for a block) and you start screaming "BAD DRIVERS! YOU TWO BOTH ARE BAAAAAADDDD DRIVERS! I SHOULD CALL THE POLICE ON BOTH OF YOU! BAAADDD, BAAAAD, MEN". And you don't even care that your kid is in the car because you are so pissed off at the two idiots that shouldn't have their drivers licenses because they scared you and your kid was in the car. You will be shaking as you slip back into the car when the light turns green, but when you stop: call me, we'll meet for a drink. ;)

annie said...

Is this from the book? Sounds familiar.