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On birthday wishes..

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It was my birthday last week. I am 27. An age I thought I would reach living in a different country with a hot millionaire, and a few dogs… But here I am, still living in LA…

A lot has changed in the last year. I read a ton of books, began meditating, broke up with a few good for nothing boyfriends, traveled to Korea, met AMAZING people, moved 3 times, made peace with my father, tried to save the world, and got drunk more times than I can count.

Everything that has happened, the tears, the parties, the letters, the songs, the wine, the learning, the road trips, the dinners, the anticipation, the silence, the moments, the laughter, the random, the questions, the sunshine, the boys, the Hebrew, the concerts, the answers and everything else in between have made me stronger, wiser, more patient, happier, and calmer.

In honor of my turning of age, and officially feeling like an adult, I had a party. Some of my favorite friends were there. The weekend involved dinners and sushi, and drinks, time with the dogs, too many blueberry cupcakes, pedicures, a few ex-boyfriends, presents, shopping, and a certain Greek guy… But more importantly, I realized a lot of things, reconnected with my friends, had a ton of fun, and met an amazing guy..

This was a weekend of happy wishes, and birthday cakes… and realizing that after all, I am living on a beach house, with my doggie, I have lovely friends, a great job, and above all else, peace..


JoAnn said...

happy birthday! Hope to see you soon :)Oh yeah, and I am sooooo much older than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annie said...

Happy belated birthday Lily....I think you are in Israel right now.....you look fab in those pictures!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!