10:30 PM

Where are my pain meds??

Posted by L. |

This flu is killing me... even my hair hurts... but I'm happy to report that I only gave in and took flu meds once... (and we are not counting all the wine I've been drinking to help me sleep)..I hope this is the ONLY time I get sick this season.. and because that is the way things are, I get sick on a weekend.. awesome.. I guess laundry can wait..

I saw "Love in the time of cholera" last night.. not a smart choice, considering my current situation..I read this book when I was maybe 11?? Garcia Marquez is one of my all time favorites.. and watching this awesome story, played by the hottest spanish actor of the month, is almost a requirement...

It is basically the story of this guy who falls in love
with a girl and waits 53 years for her.. Yeah, whatever.. Like love like that really happens.. I know a guy who had THE HARDEST time being apart, and after about a month, decided it was too hard for him.. can you imagine waiting 53 years?? Either he REALLY loved her, or those kind of stories never happen in real life.. and I doubt he REALLY loved, her.. after all, he "fell in love with her" after seeing her for about 10 seconds.. Dude, that guy I was talking about knew the girl for ONE WHOLE MONTH before they were apart.. Haha.. like I said, not a
smart move on my part.. I blame it on the flu medicine.. But watching
Javier Bardem half naked was sooooo worth the sadness...In other news... yeah, still sick.. so I'm going to sleep.. I have another movie to watch, and three $20 international calling cards that since I won't be using anymore, I'll probably have to donate to the Red Cross.. but since no hot Spaniards are involved in either, I think it will have to wait another day...